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Taylor and Ochroch
Creative Group Insurance & Power Purchasing Solutions for Associations, Unions, Trusts, Franchises & Large Groups
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When you want what others tell you can't have...
When you need what you want for growth, cost-savings, & efficiencies...
When complexity requires advanced technological solutions...
When operational compliance is beyond the reach of other consultants & brokers
When you need customization, but want to pay commoditized pricing...
When you want to give your employees more but don't have additional budget
...You need T&O!
All we do is build & administrate the most creative solutions, based on best-practices for broker program develop, TPA administration, Data Security, State & Federal Compliance, SOC I IT Controls, SOC II Internal Controls, and FedRamp NIST-based Compliance.

Our insurance brokering capabilities, honed since our inception in 1962, combined with our complete enrollment, compliance & billing ecosystem - MyEnroll360 - have lead us to this point: helping the most forward thinking organizations solve group health plan & property/casualty programs build, marketing, enrollment, administration, compliance, premium billing/collection, and much more!
T&O is not a traditional insurance broker; rather, it is a modernized brokerage firm built on two generations of insurance and insurance technology experience. We deliver strategic group insurance solutions for organizations that traditionally have been unable to obtain group insurance benefits due to diverse insurance regulations across many States, prohibitive pricing, and administration complexities.
We develop strategic group insurance plans for groups with diverse employee populations that don’t fit into traditional insurance solutions. Think of groups of employees with a non-insurance relationship such as Trade Associations, Franchises, Unions, Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA’s), Multiple Employer Trusts (MET’s), Holding Companies, Private Equity & Venture Capital combined holdings, and other large organizations.
Insurance is regulated by each U.S. state, so providing group insurance in some, several, or all states can be quite complex and administratively burdensome and even cost prohibitive. T&O’s experience enables it to find and work with insurers to solve these complexities
Once your organization engages us, together, we’ll define your solution. You can expect the research and selection of insurers and benefit plans to take 30-90 days, and the implementation to take 60-90 days – all depending on the complexity of your employee population and the program launch communications plan.
Generally, we work as your broker & consultant and earn our compensation from the insurers and other service providers that comprise your solution. We become your dedicated broker of record for all benefits and services.

We can support you in a consultative capacity for which we would earn fee-based compensation due from your organization.

If you have a broker that you want involved with us, we can work a consultant and earn a fee you pay us. Alternatively, we may be able to function as a lead broker or general agent and share commissions with your broker.

Moreover, through our affiliated company Benefit Allocation Systems, LLC we provide MyEnroll360, an online enrollment, compliance, and premium billing services that are, generally, included in our compensation from insurers.

If you have an enrollment system and you are willing to move to the BAS system, likely you will have a great deal of money because the MyEnroll360 system will be funded by the insurers. If you want to keep your enrollment system, we will work with your system’s vendor to enable data transfers required for us to manage our insurance carriers enrollment and premium billing.
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